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This bureau was designed for a client whose husband always had piles of stuff on his dresser top. She wanted to hide the clutter in a stylish manner. The top of the piece is the same size as the base, so even though it is tapered on all four sides, it still sites "square" to the wall. Cherry. +-28" x 68" x 22" deep. In the Greene & Greene style. This piece was proud to grace the back cover of Fine Woodworking Design Book 6.









Dan Mosheim

Original mission furniture designs.
Commissions welcomed.

Dorset Custom Furniture
23 Goodwood Lane
PO Box 442
Dorset, VT 0525
phone 802-867-5541 fax 802-867-554

I've been designing and building furniture for over 20 years. Included in our designs are references to Art Deco, Beidermeier, Arts and Crafts, Greene and Greene, Traditional styles, and others. You can order pieces as they are shown, others from our extensive portfolio, or commission a new design. We deal with many different budgets and design requirements including some commercial work. We welcome your input and enjoy new challenges.

—Dan Mosheim




Vermont Guild of Furnituremakers
c/o Vermont Web Marketing
52 S. Windmill Hill Rd.
Putney, VT 05346



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