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mission furniture, oak


Arts and Crafts Dresser

25"H, 30"W, 16"D
Quarter Sawn Oak

This is one of a pair of scaled down dressers designed to be used by the bedside.










Will Fielding

Working in mission and arts and crafts styles since 1974.
Commissions welcomed.

1913 Butterfield Road
Brattleboro, VT 05301-7800

I believe that furniture should be uniquely adapted to individual needs, locations and tastes. We all have the instinct to furnish and decorate our surroundings, and the result is most beautiful when the decorations come from one's own life.

The tendency in modern times is mass production; to find an average and make all furniture alike. This tendency is fueled by the demands of prefabrication. The result is furniture that is "average" in every way.

On the contrary, people are not average. We have different tastes. no two homes are alike, each situation is different, and furniture should reflect this. A home furnished with custom furniture immediately creates an atmosphere which supports rich experience. My specialty is working with you to create furniture that resonates with you and your home.

I began my professional woodworking career in 1974 working for LoPrinzi Guitars, a small guitar building shop in New Jersey. I taught woodworking and instrument building at Solebury School, a private high school in Pennsylvania before moving to Vermont to study furniture building with Gib Taylor at Marlboro College. In 1982 I graduated with honors. Since graduation I have been doing custom cabinetry, building custom furniture, stringed instruments and drums, and custom designed home renovations.

—Will Fielding






Vermont Guild of Furnituremakers
c/o Vermont Web Marketing
52 S. Windmill Hill Rd.
Putney, VT 05346



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