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mission furniture, oak




"Bow-Arm Morris Chair
and Ottoman"


"Thomas Coffee Table"

From the luxurious comfort of the foam and down cushions to the beauty of the solid cherry and timelessness of a classic mission design, this chair will remain inviting for generations to come.

Solid _ thick slate tiles, polished and inset into the top of this table, make it not only beautiful, but uniquely Vermont. This table is one of a set, which includes an end table and a sofa table


"Cunningham Sideboard "

This is my updated and modernized version of a classic design. The inlaid walnut gives it a unique look without being too overpowering. With generous storage and natural beauty, this piece is at home in any room of your house.


"Mobilo Cabinets"

Designed to compliment rather than overpower the room. On the right side is a full function computer workstation hidden behind the gracefully arched pine doors. To the left, bookshelves and storage space. Built in three pieces and assembled on site, this unit is over 11' wide!






Walt Stanley

Brookside Woodworking

Mission-inspired modern furniture, built one piece at a time, by hand.
Commissions welcomed.

420 River Street
Castleton, VT 05735
802-265-3682 Fax 802-265-8697

I grew up in the beautiful Vermont countryside very near my present location. While nurturing a life long interest in woodworking, I held many other jobs from musician to truck driver. When I got the opportunity to turn my hobby into a profession some years ago, I took it and never looked back. I now spend my days in a one-man shop with my dogs Brandy and Hooper (and any stray deer, turkeys or other wildlife) in the middle of a Vermont cornfield. Nothing else gives me the joy and satisfaction of building furniture, by hand, one piece at a time. This care and personalized attention show in the quality and beauty of my work. Craftsmanship you won't find in mass-produced furniture. Craftsmanship that abounds in the Guild of Vermont Furnituremakers.

Although I am influenced by the classics such as Shaker and Arts and Crafts, I generally don't do faithful reproductions of either, but rather use their influence to guide my own designs. I think my work is an extension of who I am and not so much a portfolio of what I can do. I like the subtle and sometimes not so subtle mix of different materials. Walnut pegs for a cherry piece. Slate tiles inset in a tabletop. Inlay that forms a design within a design. All these elements should enhance rather than dominate a piece of furniture.

My creative abilities are not limited to what you see here, as my work is almost exclusively custom designed pieces. I can work from a sketch or a rough idea of pictures clipped from magazines. If you like what you see, feel free to contact me. I have many other pictures ready to e-mail and I can send a brochure via snail mail.





Vermont Guild of Furnituremakers
c/o Vermont Web Marketing
52 S. Windmill Hill Rd.
Putney, VT 05346



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